"Finding a dedicated, talented and hard working stylist is challenging on all levels. Emily exceeded all of my expectations and the efforts of her work shows up on screen. Every detail in the wardrobe reflects a conscious choice made by Emily. Above all, Emily is easy, fun and her positive attitude was unsurpassed."
Mark Schimmel - Director/Producer

"Emily was a dream to work with. She came to the fitting and shoot so prepared and really knew how to work with my body type. She had such great ideas for what my character would wear and was incredibly collaborative as well. Putting her amazing skill set aside, she's also just a lovely, warm, hilarious person that I wish I could be around everyday. If you get a chance to work with her, take it!"
Cassie Kramer - Actress  

"Always cordial and always on time, Emily is the cornerstone of any fashion operation. As a day with her unfolds , it becomes apparent how much effort she has put into preparing for a shoot and makes you feel truly inspired. The first shoot she has styled for me was actually postponed twice and on the third scheduled attempt she brought her A-game as if it were in her DNA. She truly is in a league of her own."
Kevin Ramos - Photographer 

"To say I am a fashionista, would be a lie. To say Emily McClaren made me feel like a style goddess, would be accurate. From the moment Emily and I emailed, I felt at ease and safe in her hands. I tasked her with finding me outfits that would highlight my personality and pop on-camera. She delivered...and much more! Emily took everything one step further...even traveling to my work (which is downtown--and she lived in the suburbs!) to bring me the clothes and watch me try everything on. She worked around my schedule. She went shopping for me. She came to the shoot more than prepared...bringing with her some of her own pieces to help accentuate the shoot. She was so pleasant and felt like my best friend just helping me pick out clothes for the weekend. I would recommend Emily to anyone! and wish I could keep her in my pocket for everyday styling!"
Jenny Milkowski - TV Personality/Host

"I hired Emily to style me for a business trip to Switzerland. I have worked with other stylists in the past but they just couldn't hit the mark with what I was looking for. Emily asked me all the right questions, had an innate sense of what my style was and what I was hoping to accomplish for my trip. I absolutely loved every piece of clothing she picked out for me. Shopping had never been so easy or fun. It was a fabulous experience start to finish." 
Jane S - Personal Styling Client  

"I recently had the opportunity to work with Emily on a studio shoot and she was absolutely amazing! She not only wowed me with her talent, but her personality and her own personal style. She just LOOKS like a stylist - So chic! Emily knows what will look great on a persons body type, skin tone and picks styles that are not only gorgeous, but unique. I've loved everything I've ever seen of her work and look forward to working with her again in the future!" 
Elizabeth Nord - Photographer 

"Emily has helped style me for various occasions. From a vacation, to weddings, to a night out, I can always count on her to find something that makes me feel comfortable and look good. Even if she pushes me out of my shell a bit, the final look is amazing and I never could have done it myself. I highly recommend Emily to help style for ANY occasion, ANY time of year!!! She does incredible work and has such a talented eye for fashion."
Valerie Rieben - Personal Styling Client

"Emily helped my photo shoot run smoothly by bringing the latest fashions that worked best for me and my body. Very professional and friendly. She added a lot to the shoot and I'd loved to work with her again!"
Brooke Shevela - BMG Model

"I love working with Emily!! Her taste is the perfect balance of looks that are wearable and also high fashion. She is an amazing asset to any team and a delight to be around, I recommend her to everyone that I meet! She's simply the best!" 
Ashley Barber - Makeup Artist

"I was so lucky to have Emily style me for a trip to Las Vegas. Emily was my first experience with a stylist. Emily immediatley caught my style and more importantly, what I envisioned painting the town in. I have a mad passion for fashion myself, but my work/life schedule doesn't always allow me time to shop and plan my outfits. Emily nailed it and I must say, the fitting was by far my favorite part. Emily's studio is so beautiful and welcoming, I loved every minute of my experience there. The options Emily presented to me were amazing; she did a great job of pairing outfits that brought out a side of fashion that I never would have selected. Packing was such a breeze and I owe it all to her. Emily's professionalism and eye for fashion are truly one of a kind , I cannot wait to work with her again."
Ashley C - Personal Styling Client    

"Emily is such a lovely and professional stylist. As soon as I arrived, she was prepared and ready to put her magic to work. Apart from her being a talented stylist, she has such a warming and fun personality. You can tell she takes pride in her work and dedicates her time to bring the best of the best to work. I love the fact that she already has a vision of each outfit before fittings and is not afraid to get creative A true pleasure to work with!"
Claudia Vanessa Lamprea - Model Zodiac Model Management 

"I've worked with Emily on several shoots now and every time I get to work with her I just know the project is going to be beyond amazing. Her ability to bring a vision and mood to life with styling is beyond anything I've ever witnessed. Besides having a natural ability to bring colors, texture and patterns together and taking looks to the next level, she is extremely team oriented and has an incredible personality. Working with Emily is a dream ..."
Jaycie Ganek - Hair & Makeup Artist

"The first time I met Emily was on an editorial/beauty shoot in Chicago, she was delightful the minute I walked in the door. It was the first time all of us had worked together, but it felt like we went back years. She was very professional, efficient and friendly to work with. She has a great eye, and the clothes and jewelry she had for the shoot were perfect for the vibe of the shoot. I have recommended her for many jobs since and will continue to do so."
Tonya Noland - Hair & Makeup Artist

" Emily was such a pleasure to work with. She was able to match my diverse range of looks seamlessly. All of the options she provided were exactly what I was looking for. She adds a level of comfortability and insight on set that made me feel confident and reassured the outcome of my vision. I would recommend Emily to anyone looking to have fun and accomplish any range of looks." 
Kristen Nunez - Model/Actress

"Emily is at once calming and empowering. When you're with her, whether a subject she's styling or a professional on a job, she brings a sense of original vision and presence. She's not a snob. She could be; her eye is refined and fresh, but she brings an openness to her work that puts everyone around her at ease. So that's the calming part. The empowering part goes back to her intuitive style. She knows what works in every situation and her confidence empowers you to go with it. One more thing, if ever you do have to change direction, she's easily adaptable, without ego, and eager to go with you. What better quality could you ask for in a stylist ?"
Maggie Rife Ponce - Photographer 

"I feel less stress the minute I bring Emily on board for a job. That's because she has passion around each look she creates and genuinely has excitment for her craft. I know that she will go above and beyond each time that I work with her, therefore I can focus on the photography. She's a chameleon and can tao into any inspiration without hesitation. But mostly, I love working with Emily because she is fun and always keeps the energy and positivity up on set!"

Olivia Kohler - Photographer

“Emily was a pleasure to work with! She somehow nailed my sizes in clothing without ever meeting me beforehand first! I sent her inspiration photos for the event I was looking to be styled for and she was able to produce many similar pieces all within the budget we set at the start. When it came to try on the items, it was the most fun I’d had in a while! Her studio is gorgeous and very clean. Emily was so attentive and made me feel really good trying on pieces that were outside my comfort zone! She made me feel like I could really rock all the choices. Her insights were really helpful and she really nailed what I wanted! She a true eye for what’s fashionalble and also what would look good on you. I highly recommend her as you’ll not only look great but you’ll have so much fun in the process with her! 


Maggie P - Personal Styling Client